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Burnaby and Victoria BC – Awesome Biking destinations

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Accent Inns is for Bike Lovers

Here’s some great information on Mountain Biking specifically in the Burnaby BC and Victoria BC area.

Enjoy your ride!

Adventures in Cycling:  Burnaby Mountain Bike Park

Do you want to jump on your mountain bike and experience the challenges of adventure travel with a solid dose of a big city night life and never have to get in a car?

If you have never heard of Burnaby, British Columbia, it is a suburb of Vancouver BC giving you the convenience of staying in the middle of a great city with quick access to excellent mountain bike trails and best of all the Accent Inn Burnaby is a bike friendly hotel Spend your days in Burnaby Mountain Bike Park encompassed by woods, mountains, and ocean views with some awesome downhill mountain bike trails.

Advanced mountain bike enthusiasts looking for cycling adventures may travel around the world to experience challenging mountain bike trails. Mountain biking in BC offers the diversity of terrain expected by mountain adventure travelers and the trails on Burnaby Mountain are a popular destination for people looking for an intermediate to advanced trails with natural obstacles, steep grades, and narrower gravel and dirt paths.

After a long day mountain biking the slopes of Burnaby Mountain, relax in the hotel’s hot tub. If finding adventure in the big city of Vancouver is your pleasure –  then hop on the Skytrain near the Accent Inn and explore popular sight-seeing destinations, eat at premiere restaurants, and enjoy the night life a city like Vancouver can offer.

Victoria BC has Mountain Biking that Rocks!

Courtesy of Norco
Andrew and Catherine Charging XC

Catherine and Andrew riding the beautiful XC trails of Victoria British Columbia.
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Not everyone in the family can hit the slopes or take the extreme technical paths but Victoria BC has an abundance of networked trails for a variety of skill levels to show the whole family some bike love. From advanced mountain biking terrain that feature intense downhill jumps and twisted forest paths, to the beginner trails that provide gravel bikeways and beach routes, Victoria certainly has numerous mountain biking opportunities for all experience levels. The network of Victoria BC MTB trails not only showcases sustainably designed single tracks, but connects you with the mud, rocks, sand, gravel, and roots of the area. If you ride the beaches in May you will see whales out in Juan De Fuca Strait, in June the wildflowers on Vancouver Island are out in full force, in the winter the bald eagles flock to the area, and from the summits of many trails you can see the Olympic Mountains.

Sometimes just hearing about a rockin’ mountain bike trail is enough to get you lost! One of the great things about the trails in the Southern Vancouver Island area is that they are well documented.  Having topographic maps highlighting trails with challenging elevation drops available for free or for a small contribution definitely helps bikers get the most out of Victoria BC MTB trails. Also, having maps that pinpoint where to park, emergency resources, bike shops  and convenient food venues, can really make a grinding day efficient. We’ve found that the local bike shops are excellent resources for getting the real “skinny” on local trails and group rides.

After hitting the trails all day, nothing is worse than getting back to a hotel that does not let you wash your bike or store your equipment in your hotel room with you! The Accent Inn  in Victoria BC has accommodations and amenities that have cyclists in mind thanks to Accent Inn’s new Bike Love program. This bike friendly Victoria BC hotel, as at every Accent Inn, not only has a bicycle washing station, but a bike tuning station with an advanced mechanic tool kit available in case your bike took a tumble on the trail. Staying at a bike-friendly hotel can insure that you spend maximum time out on the trails.

Here’s a Tip for Travelling with your Bicycle :

One of the biggest obstacles for adventure travelers that like to fly is getting your mountain bike to your destination when you travel via plane; though, it is not as inconvenient or as expensive as it seems! Most airlines only charge an additional $50 fee to transport a bike. It is simple to pick up a used cardboard mountain bike box at a local bike store and packing your bike only requires you to take off your front tire, detach your pedals, and loosen your headset enough where you can turn it 90 degrees so it will lay flat in the box. Tape it up (and don’t forget to pack the tape for your return trip).

Note from the editor: On holidays this summer, I met a trio of cyclists from Germany who were touring BC by Bike. I asked them about bringing their bikes over and they commented that the airlines were great and it was “inexpensive and easy”. They also commented that they keep coming back to BC as it has some of the best riding and scenery anywhere!