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Accent Inns Welcomes the Olympics

Now that the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are here, the whole team at Accent Inns is thrilled to be a part of it.

Accent Inns BC Hotel Chain, Burnaby team welcomes the Olympics

Accent Inns BC Hotel Chain, Burnaby team welcomes the Olympics

From the guests staying at our Burnaby Hotel and Vancouver Airport Hotel to the activities and competitions going on all around. ” Our whole team has just embraced the Olympic spirit and it’s great to be here” said Joanne Wynn, General Manager of the Accent Inn Burnaby.

Over in Richmond our hotel staff have been very busy picking up hundreds of visitors from the Vancouver International airport, here to see and work at the games. “The entire team at  the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport are thrilled by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase our beautiful hotel to our visitors, guests and media from around the world. We hope to leave them with happy memories of our hotel and city that will last a lifetime”, Chris Browne, GM of the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport.

Not only will every resident of Vancouver play a part in the 2010 Winter Games’ success, but the impact that our Accent Inn teams will have on creating an outstanding guest experience will be paramount. At Accent Inns our goal is to work together as a dynamic team to ensure that all our hotel guests receive the best in services, safety and the best quality rooms while creating an overall positive and memorable experience. This positive experience will not only make them return to our hotels, but also tell their friends and family from around the world about our hotel, city and our province!

Vancouver Airport team ready for the Olympics

Accent Inn Vancouver Airport team has the Olympic Spirit!

Accent Inn Victoria BC team members cheering for the Ice Dancing Gold medal won. They themselves, are currently thinking of signing up for “ice dance lessons” Vincent “twinkle toes” Williams and Malcolm “pirouette” Stevens are looking forward to competing in the next Olympics.