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Accent Inns #1 on Trip Advisor

Accent Inn Burnaby BC Hotel

Recently Trip advisor rated the Accent Inn Burnaby as the “Best of Burnaby Canada” as rated by consumer reviews on their site.  “ I’m very proud of our staff here”, said Joanne Wynn General Manager Accent Inn Burnaby. “They take real pride in providing the best service they can and the cleanest rooms anywhere”.

Accent Inns has always taken customer comments and reviews seriously. It started in 1986 when Terry Farmer opened his first hotel on Blanshard Street in Victoria. Terry paid special attention to every comment card and responded to as many as possible even as the chain grew. Today Accent Inns has grown to be an award-winning, family-owned, British Columbia hotel chain with properties in Victoria, Vancouver Airport, Burnaby, Kamloops and Kelowna. The operations are now handled by Mandy Farmer (Terry’s daughter), President and CEO of Accent Inns Inc. and Terry has moved to the role of Founder and Chairman of the Board.

Accent Inn Burnaby BC Hotel Lobby

Accent Inn Burnaby BC Hotel Lobby

Mandy, in her father’s tradition, still reads every comment card but now also pays special attention to online reviews. “Things have changed from when a customer just told us what they thought, now they have the opportunity to tell the world through the internet and sites like Trip Advisor. We pay just as much attention to online comments as we do written ones and respond whenever a guest’s comment requires it. One of the real pleasures of my job is thanking so many of our customers for their great and supportive comments. “

Mandy Farmer President & CEO Accent Inns BC Hotel Chain

Mandy Farmer President & CEO Accent Inns BC Hotel Chain, "We always pay attention to our guest's comments."

One of the things Accent Inns is most proud of is the responsiveness of our Management. We enjoy the fact that our customers feel comfortable enough to comment. This is how we learn what they like or don’t like, what they need or not. Many of our great service ideas have come from customer comments.

We are currently in the process and very soon you will see Trip Advisor widgets on our website, making it even easier for our guests to tell there stories.

Please keep those reviews and comments  coming!