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Have you been to Abkhazi Gardens?

Victoria is well known for its Gardens. Most folks know about the world famous Butchart Gardens, one of the greatest places to visit anytime of the year. Accent Inns Victoria hotel, and our other 4 locations around the province, live up to our Victoria BC heritage by also covering our Inns with beautiful hanging baskets.  But I find that many local Victorians and visitors alike are not aware of the wonderful Abkhazi Gardens.  We are so lucky to have such a place in one of our oldest neighborhoods. Of course these gardens would not exist if it weren’t for the fantastic efforts of our friends at the TLC (The Land Conservancy of BC).  

Abkhazi is a unique heritage home and garden located in Victoria; a city known for its wonderful gardens. Prince and Princess Abkhazi married and settled in Victoria in 1946, after living separate lives touched by both privilege and tragedy. They immediately began to develop their one-acre property, and continued to improve the garden throughout their lives together. Beyond the hornbeam hedge lies a garden that embraces a natural landscape with dramatic glaciated rocky slopes, magnificent native Garry oaks, and gorgeous vistas. The Garden is designed to flow around the rock, by taking advantage of deeper pockets of soil for conifers, Japanese maples and rhododendrons –  which over the last 50 years have grown to an impressive maturity. Carpets of naturalized bulbs, choice alpines, and woodland companions provide interest throughout the year to the discerning plants-person. But, it is the overall design that leaves the greatest impression. The Garden is a stunning example of West Coast design. The Abkhazis worked together on their creation for over 40 years, and referred to it as “their child”. After their deaths, the Garden changed hands, and in February 2000 The Land Conservancy purchased the property to save it from becoming a townhouse development.

Garden Hours
March 1 – October 31
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; last admission at 4:00 p.m.
Open 7 days a week and stats.

Click here for directions from the Accent Inn Victoria hotel to the Abkahzi gardens.