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Our Hotels & The Environment

 All five of our properties are rated with three green keys.    

Accent Inns has a life -long commitment to supporting a sustainable world. We will continually improve our operations by striving to use eco-friendly products and services, while implementing innovative ideas to reduce our footprint on this earth.

Here's what Accent Inns currently does to help reduce our impact:  

  • In room blue box program for recycling of plastics, newspaper and cardboard and “back of the house” recycling programs addressing glass, bottles, paper, cardboard, etc.
  • We feature permanent soap/shampoo dispensers in all rooms
  • Energy efficient lighting in public spaces
  • Currently converting all guest rooms to energy efficient lighting
  • Use environmentally friendly detergent in our commercial laundries
  • Whenever practical we will use environmentally friendly cleaning products (practical means they must clean well)
  • Use recycled paper for our brochures, rack cards and guest correspondence
  • Recycle leftover guest amenities, old furniture, appliances, and linens by donating them to charities.
  • Currently converting all guest rooms to low flow showerheads
  • Include filter changes, coil cleaning, thermostat calibration, and damper adjustments in our ongoing maintenance plan.
  • Towel Saver Program: Guests have the opportunity to reduce energy and detergents required for daily washings.
  • All outdoor Christmas lights are LED
  • Installed Energy sensors in all rooms in Kelowna and Kamloops (Fortis BC)

We also believe strongly in supporting and partnering with groups and organizations that help protect and preserve our global and local environments for future generations. Currently we are working with the The Sierra Club of BC and donate to groups like the Pacific Salmon Foundation.


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