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About Us

The Best Kind of Different

Staying at an Accent Inns Hotel in BC is different than staying anywhere else. And that is a really good thing. We like to have fun at work. We’re like a family. Actually, we are a family. Father-daughter team Terry and Mandy Farmer run the hotels with their own family values. They like to have fun and they hire the best people to work with. That’s why our staff stay with us for a long time. We also want to make sure that you’re having fun here. We treat every guest like a member of the family. Only we won’t tease you the way we do our friends. Well, probably not. You can stay at any old hotel, but you come to Accent Inns because of our outstanding service and friendly personality.

Value Is Only One Of Our Values

A lot of things matter to us. Good communities. A clean environment. And happy guests (The most important thing to us). That’s why you’ll find more than just free shampoo in your room when you stay at Accent Inns: sometimes we’ll leave an adorable Accent Inns rubber ducky to keep you company at bathtime. Don’t worry—we also have shampoo. And in the winter, free cookies and hot chocolate! It’s also why our hotels have hundreds of hanging baskets all summer long. We want you to feel welcome. And sometimes being comfortable means having cookies at your disposal. If you’d like to learn more about us, just look at the menu on the left.

The big chains think we’re a little crazy to give so much away. We’re not. Ok, we might be. But we’re just more fun than they are.

Want to learn a little about our history? 2011 was our 25th Anniversary and you can follow these links for a look back:

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