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Medical and Compassionate Rates

It’s a fact of life that sometimes we  need to travel to attend specialized medical appointments, surgical procedures or to support our  loved ones when they need it most. Sometimes it's because we need to say farewell.

 For many years now every Accent Inn hotel in B.C. has been offering special rates to those people who are not travelling for a holiday, but because they must. The special medical & compassionate rates provide some assistance to those folks at a time when they need as little stress as possible. Accent Inns,  being centrally located in several of the main urban centers in B.C., offering relaxed, comfortable rooms and service has become a real practical option. Barrier free rooms suitable for wheelchairs are also available.

When you call or email, let us know that you qualify for this special Medical and Compassionate rate. 

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We've done our best to create a list of local hospitals, specialist, clinics and medical services in our cities.

Feel free to let us know if there's any other medical service office we need to add.

 Hospitals & Medical Services in Victoria   Vancouver Airport   Burnaby   Kelowna   Kamloops 


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