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Toll Free: 1.800.663.0298

Corporate Office

Accent Inns Corporate Office

Ph: 250-360-1511

Fax: 250-361-9820

2925 Douglas St
Victoria B.C. V8T 4M8

Best Company to Work For

We are very proud and thank all of our team around BC for helping Accent Inns get named the 5th Best Company in BC to work for.

Mandy Farmer

President & CEO

Ph: 250-360-1511

She's "da boss"

Terry Farmer

Founder and Chairman

Ph: 250-360-1511

The undercover boss.

Smith Munro

Director of Operations

Ph: 250-360-1511

 He makes it all work!

John Espley

Director of Marketing & Communications

Ph: 250-360-1511
Cell: 250-213-9605
After hours: 1-800-663-0298

 A Multifaceted Job position - Digital Marketing, Website(s) & Online Brand Management / Public Relations / Community Relations / Corporate Sponsorships / Community & Corporate Partnerships

Joan Murrell

Executive Administrator

Ph: 250-360-1511

John McManaman

Chief Financial Officer

Ph: 250-360-1511

Chris Knight

Area Manager

Ph: Area Manager

Sharon Wong

Assistant Controller

Ph: 250-360-1511

Kate Coulombe

Office Manager/Marketing Asst

Ph: 250-360-1511

Susan Chapple

Accounts Payable/Payroll

Ph: 250-360-1511

Chris Campbell

Director of Sales

Ph: 250-360-1511

Sally Chan

Regional Sales Manager

Ph: 250-360-1511

Fax: 250-361-9820

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