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Surf Sisters – Visiting Long Beach with your dogs

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

The Surf Sisters & Brock

We started out our weekend on a planned road trip to Long Beach. A “Surf Sisters Weekend” a bunch of women friends that get together to go surfing.

Not often do I leave my own dogs behind on a trip but we “sisters” thought that car pooling would be economical & there would be no room for all our dogs. The trip as always has a little change up . It was a little crowded in the back seat as one of “my sisters” dog sitter cancelled , so we got to share her dogs’ backseat with him. You can only imagine how cuddly a big black Lab can be in a small space.

It was a long twisty drive we stopped for “P” breaks and to stretch our legs & our furry friend could mark untouched territory. “Brock” became excited once the familiar smell of salt water, crept into his nostrils. As we turned onto the beach access road you could see beach for miles and miles . (more…)


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