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We Should All “Be A Tourist”

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Sidney Mus Lego ExhibitVictoria BC along with several other jurisdictions puts on a great event every year called “Be A Tourist in your own Hometown”.

Here in British Columbia we are blessed with the most wonderful surroundings which comes with the fact that we can expect many visitors such as relatives, friends and tourists. Have you ever been challenged with thinking where do I take my cousins or where should I tell my Mother In-Law to go? (don’t answer that). Have you been walking somewhere in our city and a visitor has come up to you and asked for directions? Are you a front line employee who gets asked for suggestions of things to see? OK, time to do your research and visit some of those great attractions that you haven’t been to in years or perhaps you’ve never been before. The cool thing about this homework is that it’s actually fun! (more…)


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