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A Whirling Dervish is not just a character in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Part Two – Turkey

Continuing the journey from Jordan to Turkey with Olive Baptista, Specialty Tour, Luxury Trains & Cruise Consultant at UNIGLOBE Geo Travel in Nanaimo and intrepid traveler and adventurer.  Olive shares her adventures on a recent trip to Jordan and Turkey

From Jordan we took a flight to Istanbul for a surprise hook-up with another of my tour groups at at a popular restaurant called “Hamde” where we enjoyed a delicious Turkish meal.

Monks Valley Rock Formations

Our tour in Turkey was filled with very interesting tours each day. The town of Goreme near Cappadocia was unique with the wide landscape of the rock formations. The landscape was quite spectacular and the best views are from balloons that go up early in the morning. There is also an underground cave city which is open for tourists to visit.

Some of the large rock caves have been taken over by hotel developments and are now used as luxury hotels.   The Yunak Eveleri is one of these cave hotels.   (more…)


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