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From Talking To Action On Poverty

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012


Conversations are the key starting point to change. Without discussions and debates on issues it is hard to carve a path forward. This February Canada Without Poverty was involved in two different public forums that are setting the stage for action on poverty. In Ottawa, a panel discussion was held to look at what the federal government needs to do to address poverty, and in Victoria, people gathered to imagine a world without food banks. Both events had similar results: people not only want to see something done but want to be involved in the process.

On February 14 Dignity for All held a panel discussion in Ottawa with Members of Parliament, Senators, an organizational representative, and a person with a lived experience of poverty. The purpose of the event titled, “What’s next? How to address poverty in Canada” was to contribute to a national dialogue on poverty issues, moving away from party politics and building on the consensus established by the previous unanimous motions. Panellists included: Liberal Senator Jane Cordy, Conservative Senator Don Meredith, NDP MP Jean Crowder, Green Party Leader and MP Elizabeth May, Bloc Québécois MP Jean- François Fortin, Leilani Farha from the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, and Harriet McLachlan – Board President of CWP. (To view the full event you can visit the campaign website.)



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