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Love Your Family Day

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Family fun day on the slopes

Now that we are in February, often thoughts will go to Valentine’s Day. For the next few weeks young couples start getting more “smoochy” than usual. Wives begin saying to themselves, “will he remember this year?” And of course husbands, well husbands just don’t think anything yet. As fun and cute as this all may sound, here in B.C. we now have something else, perhaps more important to think of in February. Family Day. (more…)


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Wild About Whales

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Boys and Girls club Victoria BC






Leaked video footage smuggled out of Crystal Pool confirms Admiral Roger Girouard (retired) is secretly training an unidentified whale for Boys and Girls Club’s Whale Derby. After a successful launch in 2011 this unique fundraiser will see over 4500 tiny yellow plastic whales racing down the Gorge waterway on Saturday, June 9at 1pm.  (more…)


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