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Adoption: It’s personal

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
Adoptive Families Association of BC new partner for Accent Inns

Families are so important

At Accent Inns we are all about family values, that’s why we are excited to announce our latest community partner the Adoptive Families Association of BC. This post will provide a little more information about adoption and the AFABC and connect you with a personal story.

Adoption: It’s personal, it saves tax dollars, and it’s about more than babies

Why should you care about adoption? We can give you three very good reasons:

  • Adoption saves tax dollars. Kids who age out of care without finding permanent families are less likely than others to finish high school and find stable employment, and are at far greater risk than most young people for  unplanned pregnancy, homelessness, substance use, and criminal involvement — things that come with a price tag for all of us.
  • Adoption is personal. People who are not adoptive parents or adoptees tend to think adoption doesn’t concern them. But almost everyone has an adoption connection, whether it’s a grandparent who was adopted, an aunt who is a birth mother, or a cousin who is considering adoption. Adoption touches all of us.
  • Adoption is not just about babies. Entertainment news these days is full of wealthy celebrities adopting from impoverished nations. But around 1000 BC children are available for adoption, only a small percentage are under two years old, it doesn’t cost anything to adopt through the Ministry of Children and Family Development, and anyone can do it.   (more…)

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