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Business Travel

Welcome Savvy Business Traveller.

After hours of long meetings or days on the road, there is nothing like being able to relax, feel at home and be surrounded by all the amenities you’ve come to expect without unnecessary or hidden costs. Based on that expectation, our collection of comfortable and affordable hotels is the perfect fit you’re looking for.

Over the years, we’ve learned what’s important to you as a business traveller and we go above and beyond to deliver, all without nickel and diming you at every opportunity. We thought you might appreciate that for a change. At Accent, we’re different, in a good way!

What you deserve:

  • Free, fast and reliable in-room wifi (the kind that actually works when you need it)
  • Free parking (including small rental cars right up to bigger work trucks)
  • Available Kitchenettes (a must for those extended stays)
  • Air Conditioning & Beautyrest Beds (comfort is the name of the game)
  • Meeting space at all locations
  • One Bedroom Suites (great for separating work from relaxation)  
  • Breakfast rooms (Victoria, Kelowna & Kamloops)
  • New larger fitness rooms (to boost your energy for the big meeting)
  • Loyalty Program (1 free stay for every 10 and collect 200 ‘MORE” rewards per night)


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