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Sierra Club BC

Accent Inns is proud to partner with the Sierra Club BC and to support them in their efforts to conserve  B.C.'s magnificent ancient forests, wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Accent Inns formed a relationship with the Sierra Club BC because we feel their efforts are a great fit and correspond well with our environmental policies towards supporting and protecting the land, water and air around our communities.

A Brief History of Sierra Club BC:

In 1969, a small but dedicated group of British Columbians launched a campaign to protect the magnificent forests and lakes of the Nitinat Triangle and West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. There were no Canadian environmental groups working on forest and wilderness issues at that time, so they joined forces with the US Sierra Club. That energetic group became the first Sierra Club affiliate in Canada, later joining the national Sierra Club of Canada when it was formed.

Sierra Club BC has blossomed over the past several decades. One of our greatest strengths, rooted in our 40-year history in B.C., is our ability to mobilize people in constructive action to protect ecosystems and wild spaces. At the heart of our grassroots organization are people from all over the province who are deeply committed to safeguarding B.C.’s wild places and promoting the responsible use of our natural resources.

Sierra Club local groups around B.C. defend old-growth forests and ecosystems, help combat global warming and safeguard our clean air and water. Sierra Club BC staff meet regularly with government and business to ensure conservation viewpoints are heard, and to provide input on policy and budget decisions that affect the environment. Our grassroots base, science-based policies and pragmatism have helped to protect millions of hectares of B.C. wilderness.

What they do:

  • Presses for strong, effective wilderness and wildlife protections in provincial legislation.
  • Tracks provincial commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Monitors provincial forestry policy to ensure environmental protections.
  • Advocates for parks and protected areas.
  • Cultivates the next generation of environmental stewards through our award-winning Environmental Education Program, reaching 10,000 school children across B.C. each year in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Sustainable High schools project
  • Sows an enduring grassroots commitment to wild spaces through our guided Outings Program that introduces people to urban parks, wilderness and the marine environment.
  • Creates and publishes GIS maps of B.C.’s ancient rainforests, logging activity, the Great Bear Rainforest, land use plans, wild salmon stocks at risk and potential sea level rises due to global warming.

We live in a province so dazzling that our vehicle licence plates call it "Beautiful BC" and "The Best Place on Earth".

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