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Pacific Salmon Foundation

One of the proud partners in the "Fish for the Future" InnAid program

 The Pacific Salmon Foundation or PSF as it's widely known, was founded back in 1989. The Community Salmon Program was soon implemented through part proceeds of the newly created DFO Salmon Conservation Stamp. This was the beginning of a great relationship between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, PSF and BC communities.

PSF is inspiring behavior change for the benefit of salmon through the Fraser Salmon & Watersheds Program. They are playing a key role in the development of policy and salmon management in the greatest salmon watershed in the world. They are striving to be a strong supporter of innovative science and build on the success they have had conserving salmon. PSF is currently working to target how people in their everyday lives can support salmon and their watersheds.Their efforts have created ripples that extend beyond tomorrow.

Many of us initially just think of Salmon as perhaps something good to eat for humans. Perhaps a good resource for our Fishing related economy. Both are true but there is so much more. Salmon are know as a keystone species. They are a key source of food for many, many species around BC. Just take a look at the bears or eagles for example. Every year both magnificent examples of BC's wildlife gather at local streams and rivers to feed on this wonderful fish. Once the Salmon has completed its life cycle it also becomes a fantastic source of nutrients for our forests and green spaces. " Let's not take this great resource for granted", Dr. Brian Riddell, PSF President and CEO. Without this key creature our world would be changed forever.

Together, we can help salmon survive and thrive and keep our "fish for the future".

The next time you stay at any Accent Inn in BC, please show your fishing license when you check-in and we'll proudly make a donation to our Fish for the Future InnAid program to help support the work of the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC

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