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Community and Corporate Partners

We like to touch people - in a good way!

In a good way but usually in a quiet way!  And while there is nothing wrong with grand gestures of charity, we find that it’s the little ones that often mean the most.

Just like the good old days when people took care of their neighbours, we take care of ours. When tragedy strikes in BC, we are always there to offer help.  While our medical skills are limited, our caring is unlimited.  Our hearts are big enough to look after families displaced by fire, floods and medical emergencies.  And we don’t sit around waiting.  We jump in and make things happen.

Because we are members of the communities in which we work, we encourage each BC hotel to support the causes that have meaning in their lives.  Fund-raising among staff is voluntary and time is generously given.  We are a big “staffamily” (staff that feel like family) and like all families our interests are varied and too numerous to mention every one. 

Some of us are passionate about helping children

Some of us are passionate about animals

Some of us are passionate about medical causes

Some of us are passionate about helping the homeless

Some of us are passionate about the arts

And some of us are just plain passionate!  Nothing wrong with that either!

The currency of giving is not always cash.  Accent Inn frequently donates in very creative ways –supplies and bedding, expertise, meeting rooms and social media.  We have provided venues for food-bank drop-offs.  We have promoted numerous charitable events through blogs, tweets and Facebook and even our Reader Boards in front of all hotels.  That may not be exactly the same as a full spread page in a National Newspaper BUT it does get attention! Social Media can be very powerful.  After all, you’re reading this, aren’t you?

We also believe strongly in supporting companies that are equally charitable.  We are often blown away by the generosity of our Community and Corporate Partners. It feels good to support local businesses and charities, doesn’t it?


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