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Welcome you Savvy Traveller, you!

Everyone needs somewhere they can count on for a good night’s sleep away from home. Based on this highly original realization, we've created a small, comfortable and extremely affordable collection of hotels for you savvy travelers. No more paying for things that ought to be free. No more closets that charge as much as The Shangri-La. And no coming home to a Visa bill that makes you wish you'd never left. Welcome to Accent Inns: nice rooms, great service, real people and a fair price. (Why didn't anyone think of this before?)

The smartest travelers know where to stay.
(hint: it’s here)

You can expect:

  • Free in-room wifi (because we too found it odd that hotels charged for this)
  • Free parking (more than enough for the mini-van with the canoe on top)
  • Kitchenettes (like kitchens, but "ettes")
  • Free local calls & faxes(do people still use faxes anymore?)
  • In-room AC (bring your own DC)
  • Pet friendly (just please don't bring your elephant)
  • Meeting space at all locations  (ideal for "bored" meetings)
  • Bike friendly (spandex tolerant)

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