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Fish for the Future

Our Fish and their habitat need your help.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC and Accent Inns have created a great program that allows you to support conservation and education all while travelling on your business trip or vacation.

The Program:

The program is called “Fish for the Future” and is simple to participate in. For each guest who stays at any Accent Inn BC hotel location and shows their valid freshwater or salt water fishing license, Accent Inns will donate $2. Accent Inns partners and the beneficiary’s of this program are: the Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. 

Many fish populations native to British Columbia are at serious risk due to the destruction of habitat, over-harvesting and the introduction of non-native species. Both the Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. and the Pacific Salmon Foundation work to prevent fish extinction, provide education, and, over the longer term, to rebuild fish populations. Their commitment, with public support, will enable long term ecological sustainability and social enjoyment of this important and diverse species.

 The Good Part:

You don’t need to be on a fishing trip to participate in this program. You could be on a business trip in Vancouver and staying at our Burnaby hotel. Perhaps you’re having a golf vacation and staying at our Kelowna hotel. You might even be taking your best friend “Rover" to see the world famous Butchart Gardens and staying at our pet friendly Victoria hotel.
It doesn’t matter why you are staying. Just show your valid fishing license to our staff when you’re checking in and Accent Inns will make the donation.

“Wild Pacific are critical to the overall health of our environment, and businesses like Accent Inns play a critical role by engaging their customers, employees and business partners on behalf of salmon,” said Dr. Brian Riddell, President and CEO of the Pacific Salmon Foundation. “More than 200 businesses support the Pacific Salmon, but Accent Inns’ new “Fish for the Future” program is particularly special because it is helping educate the broader public about the importance of wild Pacific salmon conservation and the role all of us have to play in sustaining a species that is central to our environment, culture and economy.”

The Better Part:

For those of you that do decide to stay with us at Accent Inns on your awesome fishing trip then we have two great options for you! Our Kamloops hotel can be a great base or starting point for your fly fishing adventure. Kamloops offers great proximity to approximately 100+ fishing lakes, with many only an 1-hour drive through the scenic landscape.
Want to try your hand at some Saltwater fishing. You can’t do any better than the coast of British Columbia. Here in B.C. you can access hundreds of miles of islands, bays, fjords and banks, and fish in one of the premier saltwater fishing destinations in the world. One of the most popular options is to visit one of  the many fly-in lodges here on the coast. To assist you with that adventure our Vancouver Airport hotel offers fantastic free airport shuttle service to both the Vancouver International Airport and more importantly the South Terminal and Fraser river float plane terminal. For the ‘fly-in’ fisherman our Vancouver Airport Hotel also offers freezer service. Remember, show us your fishing license and we’ll make a donation that will help support the hobby that you so enjoy!

The Best Part:

This program costs you nothing but can help us do so much!
The “Fish for the Future” program is simple and just taking a moment to show us you’re fishing license can really make a difference. The work done by both the Freshwater Fisheries Society and the Pacific Salmon foundation is so important if we are to maintain and grow the habitat and fish species that are so important to our diet, our livelihoods and more importantly our environment.


Whether you enjoy eating fish, catching fish or care about the role they play in our environment, then you’ll be interested in this special InnAid program from Accent Inns.

Our Environment is important to us. In launching the ‘Fish for the Future’ program, we’re showing that it’s possible for every one of us to make a positive difference in our world – a core value held by Accent Inns,” says Accent Inns CEO Mandy Farmer


Learn more about our partners in the Fish for the Future program by following these links: 

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC      Pacific Salmon Foundation                             

Thanks to Island Fisherman Magazine for their great support of this program!

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