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The Boulders Climbing Gym

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

rock climbing center in Victoria BCWith the Accent Inn  being the host hotel for the Youth Western Regional Climbing Competition being held in Victoria BC at The Boulders Climbing Gym this weekend, a small group of intrepid adventurers from the hotel decided we should check out the Gym to see what indoor rock climbing is all about.

Kyle, Whitney, Diane and I headed out for an introductory climbing lesson delivered by a knowledgeable and entertaining instructor named Evan. We listened to Evan’s every word as he gave us instructions on our harnesses, rope tying and belaying. There was quite a bit of nervous laughter as we all knew the end result would be climbing to the top of a wall, balancing our feet and grasping with our fingers to tiny hold shaped like animals and placed at distances that seem way too far apart. (more…)


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