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The Key to Understanding Dogs

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Dr Coren FlyerUnderstanding Dogs. I once had a dog owner tell me that she had taught her dog over 100 words and that the dog fully understand the meaning of each word.  A little later when I asked her why she didn’t let her dog run off-leash in a dog park, she told me because he wouldn’t come when he was called.  It seemed strange to me that not one of those 100 words was the word “Come!”

But it did get me to wondering just what does go on in our dog’s heads? Do they understand our words or just the emotions they sense accompanying the words.  Is it as the cartoon says – all they hear is Blah Blah Blah Blah Treat  or Blah Blah Blah Blah Walk?

I suspect there is more to the dog brain than that but I don’t know for sure.  That is why I am planning to attend the talk being given by Dr Stanley Coren in Victoria on November 6.  The title of his presentation is “The key to Understanding Dogs” and Dr Coren plans to address such topics as: Just how intelligent are dogs?  Do dogs dream?  And the one that I am most interested in – How much language does a dog understand? (more…)


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The Annual FAB 50 Elite Girls Basketball Camp

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Head Coach Bruce Langford instructs campers.

The annual FAB 50 Elite Girls Basketball Camp was held Saturday-Sunday, April 23-24 at Spectrum Community School’s Gyms.

The annual camp brought together 40 of the top girls basketball players in grades 6-11 from schools around the Victoria area for a weekend of basketball instruction from some of the top coaches in the province.  The guest coaches included Simon Fraser University’s Bruce Langford, Thomson Rivers University’s Scott Reeves and Camosun College’s Brett Westcott, who is also the camp organizer.

FAB 50 Elite Girls at practice.

Accent Inn Victoria has been a sponsor of this youth development event for several years as the hotel hosts the visiting coaches who volunteer their time to work with the local players.  This camp also served as the selection camp for the South Vancouver Island Basketball Association select team program which will keep local players involved in the game through July with practices and games against teams from around the province.



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