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Planning a Road Trip and Involving the Kids

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

family friendly hotel great after a day in the car

My wife and I have always loved road trips, and when our kids were young we did an epic road trip from Victoria to the Okanagan – this was in the early 90s. We had recently emigrated from the U.K. and this was our first vacation in our new country. I remember lugging around this massive rented video camera; it took full-size VHS tapes and had to be hoisted on to your shoulder. It’s funny, I came across the tape the other day and we are considering getting it transferred to DVD. I remember that almost every other minute while taping I would utter the words, “Look at this view, it’s absolutely amazing” interspersed with “absolutely awesome.” It got very tired very quickly. My only excuse was that we had arrived in a country that far exceeded our expectations in terms of sheer beauty, and B.C. appeared to us like something out of a National Geographic magazine – something we only dreamed of ever seeing. (more…)


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Back to School – Travel Without The Kids

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

back to schoolOK, the children are back in school. Parents are busy dealing with getting all the back to school items their children forgot to mention they needed, sorting out what it is they want in their lunches, counselling their off-spring as they complain about who’s sitting next to them in class or on the  bus and  realizing that they have to re-learn everything they thought they would never need to know,  just so  they can help their kids with homework!

Ah, but you are grandparents or perhaps folks that decided the above path wasn’t for you. Of course you love the little “rug-rats” but whichever category you fall into, this is a very special time for you too.  You’ve had your fun with the grand-kids all summer and now it’s time to focus on you. You’ve dealt with all the lines for the really cool things to see & do but now there are no children to be seen and access to attractions is suddenly easy (and quiet).  This is your time to travel. (more…)


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The Top 5 Things To Do on Vacation in BC

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


picture of a couple holding a map

Explore BC by taking a road trip

1) Go on a road trip with no plans at all. Don’t make one hotel reservation, green fee, or concrete plan… just wing it! Who knows where you will end up, the people you will meet, the places you will see?

2) Rent a jet ski. No expertise or experience needed, just hop on and throttle it! Best place to do this? Kelowna. Then go for drinks on an outdoor patio, bask in the sun, and take a leisurely walk back to the Kelowna Accent Inn, 10 minutes away. Ahhhh, summer!

Accent Inn Kelowna Exterior with pool and patio

Cool down and relax in the pool at the Accent Inn Kelowna hotel

3) Take a dinner cruise on BC Ferries. I’m not kidding! The  buffet on a BC Ferry is actually quite stunning as you enjoy the view from your window table while the boat meanders through the Gulf Islands. They’ve also now got a new and much improved dessert buffet which has high quality desserts such as Florentines, caramels, cheesecakes, cupcakes and even more delectables that I didn’t have room for (don’t worry, I’ll go back). It’s actually affordable especially if you have children (they eat free 5 & under). And, the best part? I got a top notch manicure and pedicure in their spa!

4) Eat, eat and eat! You are allowed to eat anything on vacation, right? Diets go out the window, so take full advantage.

My highlights:

  • A Rocky Mountain caramel apple dipped in white chocolate- oh my goodness. Perfect while strolling Government St. in Victoria and Robson Street in Vancouver. Hey, it’s an apple, what does the doctor say?
  • Wannawafel in Market Square in Victoria or Café Medina in downtown Vancouver. You have never eaten such chewy, tasty treats dipped in luxurious toppings such as Belgian chocolate or vanilla ice cream. They are reason enough to go on vacation.
  • Speaking of ice cream… Roger’s Chocolates just opened an old fashioned Soda Shoppe in downtown Victoria. Perfect for milkshakes, real Italian soda with syrup, waffle cones… all made with the finest of ingredients in the coolest of cool historic locations.
  • The Pour House in Vancouver takes everyday staples such as mac and cheese, pork and beans, and turns them into gastronomic culinary achievements in a hip restaurant in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver. Lick your fork – there’s pie!
  • Well, since we are speaking of pie, I must mention the fabulous pizza pie that Pizzeria Prima Strada serves up in Victoria. Have you read Eat, Pray, Love? The author travels to Italy and discovers REAL pizza which changes her life forever. This is the pizza that I’m talking about. It’ll change your life.
  • We are on a roll here! When can you justify eating this heavenly but extremely fattening Canadian delicacy, except while on vacation? Bin 4 Burger Lounge, now we’re talking! their burgers are darn good (local flavours with premium ingredients – it sure makes a difference).

5) And the last thing to do on vacation in BC? A good work out. Yeah, just even reading that list of sinful food adds a couple pounds. So pack your runners and go for a power walk or run along Victoria’s Dallas Road admiring the vista of the Olympic Mountains, the boat traffic in the Strait of Georgia and the never dull people watching. Run/walking around Stanley Park or the seawall in Vancouver isn’t too shabby either. And the best part is you can probably eat your waffle cone or caramel apple as you power walk on by!

Just remember, no matter where you spend your time there is a good chance a Accent Inns BC Hotel is nearby to be your home away from home.


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