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Arthritis Society Gets a Helping Hotel Hand

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Arthritis SocietyVictoria BC, June 18, 2014 –Spring 2014 Through connecting with hotel executives at several events, representatives from the Arthritis Society learned of the many not-for profit organizations that Accent Inns has managed to assist and decided to learn more about the local hotel chain.

The surprise came when after meeting with the chain’s Marketing and Communications Manager, John Espley, they found that Accent Inns also wanted to learn more about The Society. After several months of networking and a few meetings in both Victoria and Vancouver BC, it was agreed that Accent Inns would extend a helping hotel hand and support the Arthritis Society, BC & Yukon Division through the company’s InnAid program. Assistance would come in a few ways including accommodations. (more…)


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It’s Families First with FSI BC

Friday, July 5th, 2013

FSIBC 2013 Naramata conference welcome signFSIBC 2013 Conference

This is the first year Accent Inns has supported the Family Support Institute of BC as part of our InnAid program, but you’d think that this relationship has been in place for years.




Angela Clancy & her daughter Hanna at FSI BC headquarters



I first met Angela Clancy, Executive Director for FSI BC, at an internet conference and then again a chamber of commerce premiers luncheon. Not that common do I run into not-profit representatives at the more “high-level corporate” events. But then again Angela and the Family Support Institute are not all that common. Their drive to gain support for families with disabilities is unending and has gained incredible awareness in the “inner circles”. That doesn’t mean they are supported as they could or should be but they sure won’t stop until they are.


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Terry Farmer knows the power of helping people

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Terry Farmer Founder & Chairman, Accent Inns

Below is a reprint of the Victoria Chamber Awards Gala program where Friday April 27, Terry Farmer was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

After all, if he hadn’t offered to lend a hand to help his father and partner build the Chateau Victoria he might never have realized just how much more fun he could have in hospitality rather than a career in banking, property management or construction.

Anyone who knows Terry, knows that he isn’t content to rest on his laurels. Positive change has been a staple of his life. Terry’s advice to the graduates of Royal Roads at their 2007 Convocation, “… as life moves on over the years do not hesitate to change your area of work should opportunities arise. When they do you should do your due diligence and then strike out quickly, especially if you have a chance to get out on your own and become an entrepreneur. I did this 21 years ago and it was the most thrilling and challenging stage of my career (aside from getting married of course).” (more…)


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From Talking To Action On Poverty

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012


Conversations are the key starting point to change. Without discussions and debates on issues it is hard to carve a path forward. This February Canada Without Poverty was involved in two different public forums that are setting the stage for action on poverty. In Ottawa, a panel discussion was held to look at what the federal government needs to do to address poverty, and in Victoria, people gathered to imagine a world without food banks. Both events had similar results: people not only want to see something done but want to be involved in the process.

On February 14 Dignity for All held a panel discussion in Ottawa with Members of Parliament, Senators, an organizational representative, and a person with a lived experience of poverty. The purpose of the event titled, “What’s next? How to address poverty in Canada” was to contribute to a national dialogue on poverty issues, moving away from party politics and building on the consensus established by the previous unanimous motions. Panellists included: Liberal Senator Jane Cordy, Conservative Senator Don Meredith, NDP MP Jean Crowder, Green Party Leader and MP Elizabeth May, Bloc Québécois MP Jean- François Fortin, Leilani Farha from the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation, and Harriet McLachlan – Board President of CWP. (To view the full event you can visit the campaign website.)



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Poverty & Punchlines

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Accent Inns supports Canada without Poverty

Let's have fun and help end poverty at the same time.

Two very different things that are rarely experienced together, kind of like housework and fun, but at the same time makes sense.  A night dedicated to helping raise awareness of an issue that is too often swept beneath the carpet and misunderstood will be brought out into the spotlight alongside some of the most hilarious comics Vancouver has to offer.


This stand-up comedy and live auction fundraiser held by  Canada Without Poverty (CWP) at the Waterfront Theatre, features hilarious comics Erica Sigurdson and Ivan Decker.  Hosted by Neil Robinson, the event promises to be an evening filled with entertainment for all those in attendance. (more…)


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In Tune

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Have you got your tickets yet???

Master of Ceremonies Stacy Ross of CHEK TV will guest host IN TUNE with KINOBE and The African Sensation, a benefit concert in support of The Rotary Club of Saanich. In keeping with Rotary International’s 2011-2012 theme “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity,” proceeds will fund domestic and international development projects including micro-lending, education, medical aid, and other humanitarian causes.

YouTube Preview Image

The Rotary Club of Saanich presents:
and The African Sensation

McPherson Playhouse
September 17, at 7:30pm; doors at 6:30pm
*Tickets are $37.00


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Tee Cup Charity Golf Tournament

Monday, September 27th, 2010
Michael McCoy Executive Director of Touchstone and Donna of Accent Inns

Michael McCoy Executive Director of Touchstone and Donna Price of Accent Inns

Women Making a Difference recently held their 5th Annual Tee Cup Charity Golf Tournament ( , sponsored in part by Accent Inns ( at Country Meadows Golf Course. Women Making a Difference members, Christine Campbell, Janet Clousten and Donna Price got together 51/2 years ago at a conference aimed at helping at the community level and started this event to raise money for a local charity.

Monies raised Women Making a Difference are used for families in need of counseling.



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How do you handle time management?

Monday, June 28th, 2010
crazy clock

Time Management shouldn't be so confusing

Time Management: Mystery or Magic?

Ok here we go into the wonderful and sometimes mystical world of “time management”.

When you ask  many young and even seasoned professionals about their time management skills they suddenly lower the head and speak into their chest just like a child who knows he’s done something wrong.  Time management is a powerful tool and I’ve met several successful business people and athletic achievers that tout it as “their” secret to success. A couple of great examples for my are my former boss and mentor, Terry Farmer, and many of the excellent athletes that make up the Camosun Chargers College athletic program. These “kids” really have it together! We all know we need time management skills but either feel like we’ve never really achieved what we need to, or even worse, are completely intimidated by the subject. Find your examples as I have. They are all around you I promise. (more…)


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InnAid Charitable support takes to the road

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Dawn Chubai of City TV & Melinda Jolley of Tartan PR speaking to non-profit representatives

Well, we’ve just finished our second annual Accent Inns – source group Charity in Changing times seminars.  This year we expanded the reach and put on the seminars at our Accent Inn Victoria hotel, Burnaby hotel and for the first time our Kelowna hotel.

The topic was communications and we were so please to have and incredible troupe of travelling experts. These experts, Robin Holden with the Source group, Ross Dunn with Stepforth Web marketing, Melinda Jolley with Tartan PR, were joined by local media representatives at each event. (more…)


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