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Education Matters

Thursday, September 12th, 2013
High school kids - education is important

Education is Important

As our children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews are all settling back into their routines at school our friends at the Adoptive Families Association of BC remind us that there are more things to consider than just what books the kids need this year. They remind us that education matters and not all children have the same level of support.


Courtesy of the AFABC:

It is well documented that dropping out of high school has a number of negative impacts on youth relating to unemployment, lower wages, increased chances of incarceration, and other significant areas of a young person’s life. Studies indicate that youth who age out of government care experience an 80% high school dropout rate.



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The Ideal Christmas Present – Parents

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Every child deserves a parents love - AFABC is doing their part to help

The following information and story comes to us  from the AFABC (Adoptive Families Association of BC)

When children are matched with families for adoption, there are a series of steps taken to gradually help the children get acquainted and comfortable with their new families. The first step is to introduce the parents to the child in the child’s environment (usually the foster home), which is less threatening for the child. It also allows the prospective parents an opportunity to see the child in his or her environment, to meet the foster parents and to spend some time getting to know the child’s routines. This step may be done over a period of a couple of weeks, several weekends or a few days, depending on the age and stage of the child or children to be adopted and the distance required for the prospective parents to travel. Over this first stage, the adopting parents will take the child into the community and, if they live locally, may take the child to their neighbourhood or for short visits to their home. (more…)


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