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3 Responses to “Can you be REAL on twitter?”

  1. Janis La Couvée

    From one “real” person to another – I’ve always appreciated how Accent Inns has built its brand, one person at a time. It’s no different now with the advent of social media.

    You’ve got a vision that includes your community, and have stood the test of time and trends.

    Keep doing what you’re doing – no matter what the ninjas, gurus, and experts say.

  2. Peter Fieger

    Hey John – you are right to take offense with this “fake follower” routine. It really is one of those interesting challenges and (as ever!) our “black hat” marketing friends look for a way to scam the system.

    For John’s other readers – our advice is ALWAYS to be real online, and understand how to connect with your audience, just like John has done over the (several) years that I have known him.

    Rant on, John!

  3. Kevin Clark

    This is a good post John. You nailed it about not getting pulled into the hype of building your followers fast. It’s far more valuable to have people who actually follow you and will interact with you. Takes time… But it’s far more rewarding and profitable to build your following properly.

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