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Where were you when the Canadians Won Gold?

All of us at Accent Inns are  so excited and proud of all of our Canadian Athletes whether they won a medal or not.

As an avid hockey fan my question to you  our viewers….where were you when the Canadians Women or Men’s hockey team won Gold?

I was at home for both games and my poor wife and daughter had to put up with my loud Cheers and Jeers throughout the games ( especially at a certain 25 seconds before the end of regualtion play…).

Apparently I yelled so loud when we won that I scared the Dog and the Guinea pig both…

After the Men’s team won gold it was so cool to see people on our street running out of their houses shouting and yelling and waving Canadian Flags.  I know it’s just a game but I can honestly say I felt such a level of pride being a Canadian at that moment. Congrats to Vancouver and Whistler and everyone who put together one great event in Vancouver 2010!

John Espley, Business Development Manager, Accent Inns.

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8 Responses to “Where were you when the Canadians Won Gold?”

  1. Penny Rogers

    Hi John – this is a great idea! For both the women’s and men’s gold medal hockey games I was in Maricopa, Arizona. Because it’s warm in the desert my patio door was wide open for both games and I’m sure my screams (and curses) were heard by all. My throat is still raw and I haven’t seen the 3 hummingbirds that, until the hockey finals started, were happily feeding in my backyard. I do hope they return! YEAH CANADA!!

  2. Lori K

    I was home with my favorite guys (my son and BF) yelling at my tv, making all kinds of noise and cheering when Crosby did it! Yaaaaaay Go Canada and thanks to all of vancouver and vanoc for putting on a great show and wow all the patriotism was awesome to see and brought a tear to my eye.

  3. Mandy Farmer

    I was with my parents, husband, 2 kids and dog, while fielding phone calls from my brother in Boston, in-laws in Jamaica and text messages from my BF. I LOVE how the Olympics brings us all together!

  4. Sharon W.

    I was at home with my boyfriend watching on our fairly big screen tv. What a finish to the Olympics! Afterwards, we taped our “Go Canada Go” flag on the back of the motorbike, & we went downtown. Everyone was cheering, & waving the Canada flag on the street. People in their cars were honking, & waving flags. It was quite a site.

  5. Eileen M

    I was at a friends place boasting about how “whoever scores the first goal will win the game” and I was very full of myself and my proclamation until that final 19 seconds of the game when the US scored. Duh! There were 8 of us there so you can imagine the screams when a goal was scored and our golden boy Crosby made the final goal in sudden death. I thought the house was going to come down.

  6. Anita S

    I was with my family! We were all excited to watch the game unfold. Even my mother, who in the hockey world, only knows Wayne Gretzky, was very excited!! I did predict that Iginla or Crosby would have to step up to score the BIG goal…and they both were in on it. We screamed so loud that my 16 month old newphew started to cry (Tears of Happiness, we say). Great moment!

  7. rossdunn

    I was at home with my wife (Sara) and son (Zander) and at 20 months he was totally infected with our excitement – Zander kept clapping during the high points and running around screaming with happiness. When Canada won, we screamed and hugged and Zander was squealing with joy. It was awesome!!!

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