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Did you know:

Accent Inns was ranked one of the Best Places to Work in BC 2011

Over 50% of our staff have been with our hotel chain for 5 years or more?

That our Founder helps clean toilets - (don’t believe me - watch the video)

Being a family owned business, we treat our staff like one of our own… (except without the inheritance)


If you have the following qualities, Accent Inns might just be the place for you!

  • Enjoy having fun at work (and doing a great job at the same time!)
  • Bring a healthy dose of humour to your work (we draw the line at whoopee cushions and super soaker spray guns!)
  • A can-do, flexible attitude (if you like rigid rules and policies – go work in a bank!)
  • Of course, certain positions do require different skill-sets – see below for the available positions with Accent Inns and the skills required for each one.

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